Brisbane EdTech start-up awarded funding from Queensland Government

Brisbane, Australia – Stackle, a leading Brisbane-based EdTech startup, is proud to announce that it has been awarded a grant from the Queensland Government via the Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund. The grant will support Stackle’s continued efforts to take online learning experiences to the next level, personalise learning experiences and empower educators.

Stackle’s platform is designed to help educators save valuable classroom time and provide a consistent learner experience across various industry-standard platforms. With a unique one platform, many uses approach, Stackle combines the features of many platforms and tools and adds a range of industry-requested features and customisation options. Together with rich learner data and valuable insights, Stackle empowers educators to deliver a wide range of learning experiences that improve student learning and engagement.

The Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund is a government initiative aimed at supporting the growth of Queensland businesses and creating new jobs. The fund provides financial support to small to medium-sized businesses with high-growth potential to undertake commercialisation projects that strengthen key industries, diversify the economy, compete in domestic and global markets, engage and benefit regional Queensland, and create new jobs.

Stackle CEO, Sean Duffy, said, “We are thrilled to have been selected for this grant from the Queensland Government. This grant will help us continue our mission of improving learner engagement and creating better student centred learning experiences. We are proud to be a Queensland-based company and look forward to positively impacting the economy and creating new jobs in the region.”

Stackle is committed to delivering innovative and impactful solutions to the education sector and is proud to have been recognised by the Queensland Government. With this grant, Stackle will be able to continue its mission of delivering a better online learning experience to students and educators.

About Stackle

Stackle is a cutting-edge EdTech company focusing on enhancing online learning experiences and maximising learner engagement. Utilising its innovative one-platform, many-uses approach, Stackle provides educators with a diverse range of educational tools, including rich learner data and analytics, seamless integration, and customisable options. By doing so, the platform helps educators save valuable time in the classroom and offers students a consistent learning experience across various platforms.

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