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Built for Canvas LMS

Stackle integrates seamlessly with Canvas, providing a natural and intuitive experience for both learners and educators. You can quickly integrate Stackle’s learning moments into your Canvas page, module, and course. With Stackle, you can build learning narratives, encourage active learning, promote organisation and independence, improve memory retention, and track learner progress with ease.



Evolve your Learner Experience

Combine Canvas and Stackle seamlessly to create connected learning moments for your learners throughout your Canvas course. Integrate Stackle into your Canvas pages, modules, and courses to create learner-focused narratives that connect concepts, learning, and assessment. Enable active learning with integrated learning journals, focus learner attention with scaffolded assessment tasks, build knowledge with adaptive questions, and boost engagement with progress dashboards


Insert into your Learning

Insert learning journals, assessment tasks, quizzes, polls, and more directly into your Canvas page’s learning content. Create a seamless, dynamic, and connected learning experience that keeps learners focused and engaged. By providing seamless learning that is easy to use, you can increase engagement, improve retention, enhance motivation, and build connections among all learners.


Sequence into your Module

Create a cohesive and natural module of learning with a great learner flow. You can easily sequence Stackle’s learning journals, assessment tasks, and other connected learning moments into your Canvas module. This natural sequence reduces cognitive load, enhances the learner experience, increases familiarity, and empowers learners to build connections with content, concepts, and assessment.


Give Feedback, Mark and Assess

Utilise Canvas’s Markbook and Speedgrader features to give feedback, mark against a rubric and assess your student’s learning with ease. Easily assess Stackle’s dynamic in content Portfolios, Learning Journals, Documents, Reports and other Learning Artefacts with use using Canvas’s existing tools. With Stackle’s seamless integration into Canvas you will save on training, staff development and up skilling your staff.


Access with Ease

Combining Stackle and Canvas eliminates problems such as access issues, loss of ownership, and missing content. Stackle utilises role provisioning to quickly sync access roles and privileges between Canvas and Stackle. Meaning that educators are automatically granted the appropriate level of access and can easily start creating great learning content without any delay.

Sean Duffy - CEO of Stackle

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Sean is the CEO of Stackle and he’s awesome at demonstrating how our product can enable you to take your course design to the next level, while giving your students an innovative and engaging learning experience.

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