Stackle is a versatile tool that can be used to help support learning and teaching activities in numerous ways. 

Explore some of the ways clients are putting Stackle into practice.

Built for

Learning Journals​

Reflection is a skill that develops over time with constant practice and is a valuable skill for everyone to master.  

Stackle’s ability to move with a student on their learning journey and document their understanding over time gives them evidence of the progress they have made without adding to their cognitive load.


Assignments provide a clear and structured progression for learners, allowing them to build upon knowledge and skills incrementally.

Learners focus on specific learning objectives and goals, with a clear direction for their learning journey.

Scaffolded assessment promotes deeper learning by encouraging learners to engage with the material contextually and in a meaningful and purposeful way.


Stackle’s Connected Questions are a perfect tool for building knowledge gradually, empowering the learners and re-enforcing awareness of the learner’s journey. 

The term “Connected Question” refers to a question that evolves its functionality over time to support the learner so they can build their responses as their knowledge grows and is a unique feature of Stackle.

Stackle is a tool for creating and embedding course workbooks into Canvas LMS

Other Ways to Use Stackle

There are so ways you can deploy Stackle to support your learners and achieve your course learning outcomes.  Here is a list of other idea you can use:

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