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Boost learner engagement across your learning!

Utilise Stackle’s connected tool set to focus learner attention, increase their knowledge retention, help them to construct knowledge, contextualise learning and perform beyond their capacity.

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Built for Canvas LMS

Stackle integrates seamlessly with Canvas

Learning Journals

Learning journals delivered across course modules encourage learners to be active, explore ideas and reflect on key concepts as they arise.
Embedding the Learning Journal inside the LMS experience reduces cognitive load and maximises learning in context.


Break assessments into smaller tasks to encourage organisation, regular progress and independence. 

Distribute these tasks throughout your learning content to support your learners, encourage learning in context and enable learner personalisation.


Connecting questions across your course allows learner to  retrieve previously learned information after a gap. When revisiting questions students work harder to retrieve knowledge from memory and remember information for the long term.

Great Learning,
in Context

When learning, responding and reflecting in context students develop a sense of personal relevance and engagement with the materials and key concepts that they are studying.  

A simplifyied learner experience delivers opportunities for the learner to focus on the learning content, key concepts and personalisation. 

Boost Engagement
and Retention

Learner dashboards ensure that learners have quick access,  can easily track progress and can see at a glance how they are doing in their course.

Learner dashboards create a more cohesive and engaging learning experience for students.

Stackle's capacity to streamline a currently disjointed learning experience both reduces the cognitive load for learners and educators and facilitates their deeper engagement and learning.
Alf Lizzio
Learning and Innovation Consultant
Students have the ability to monitor their learning development through the course term, identifying their weaknesses and strengths, and bringing clarity in how and where they can improve. In addition, faculty are able to connect assessments across the course, enabling them to clearly scaffold students’ learning.
Carol Damm
Associate Director, Learning Design - Boston College

Sean Duffy - CEO of Stackle

Meet Sean!

Sean is the CEO of Stackle and he’s awesome at demonstrating how our product can enable you to take your course design to the next level, while giving your students an innovative and engaging learning experience.

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When students are engaged in the learning process, they retain information and are able to apply it in the real world. Engaged learners are more likely to participate, which leads to a deeper understanding of the material and fosters critical thinking skills.