Supercharge Canvas

Stackle lets you transform the learning you provide with Canvas. With a set of tools designed by educators, you can design courses, assess and drive active learning for every student

Built for

Engage students with Learning Journals

Drive active learning and critical thinking with all progress and thoughts kept in one secure place.

Build knowledge retention with reflective Activities

Build courses where learners can actively engage with content, reflect on their own learning and build a portfolio over time. With features such as Reflect Once, Reflect and Compare and Watch and Reflect.

Encourage student ownership with Workbooks.

Help learners at every level take charge of their studies. Our Workbooks keep all progress, tasks and resources neatly in one place. So they can grab what they need when they need it, while you can prompt reflection and share personalised feedback to nudge them along.

Stackle is a tool for creating and embedding course workbooks into Canvas LMS
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Built for Canvas LMS

Stackle integrates seamlessly with Canvas

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Stackle's capacity to streamline a currently disjointed learning experience both reduces the cognitive load for learners and educators and facilitates their deeper engagement and learning.
Alf Lizzio
Learning and Innovation Consultant
Students have the ability to monitor their learning development through the course term, identifying their weaknesses and strengths, and bringing clarity in how and where they can improve. In addition, faculty are able to connect assessments across the course, enabling them to clearly scaffold students’ learning.
Carol Damm
Associate Director, Learning Design - Boston College

Sean Duffy - CEO of Stackle

Meet Sean!

Sean is our co-founder and CEO, and he’ll show you how we can personalise Stackle to fit your needs down to a tee.

When students are engaged in the learning process, they retain information and are able to apply it in the real world. Engaged learners are more likely to participate, which leads to a deeper understanding of the material and fosters critical thinking skills.