Hi everyone! We’ve been cooking up something exciting in the EdTech kitchen and we can’t wait to serve it up. We’re thrilled to share some insights into the power of Bite-Sized Learning.

1. Increased Engagement
Our bite-sized tasks keep learners active and engaged.

2. Contextual Learning
Each task is tied to broader modules, making learning more meaningful.

3. Personalisation
With Stackle’s Learner Portfolios, students can focus on their unique learning journey.

4. Continuous Feedback
With bite-sized assignments, feedback is instant and continuous, supporting learners’ progress.

5. Consolidation and Revision
Our Learner Hub allows students to revisit and consolidate their knowledge. Swipe through our latest carousel post to get a taste of the benefits of Bite-Sized Learning with Stackle.

Together, let’s revolutionise university learning and teaching!