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Take your students’ learning to the next level with Stackle’s easy-to-use portfolio and learning journal platform. With powerful features that encourage student ownership, reflection, and personalised learning, you can transform your teaching and empower your learners to reach their full potential.

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Learning Journals

Learning journals are a powerful tool in K-12 education, students take ownership of their learning and develop critical thinking and reflection skills.

Educators can provide their students with a safe and secure space to record their thoughts, ideas, and progress, helping them develop essential life-long learning skills.


Our Assignments feature provides an efficient way to create and integrate assignments into K-12 learning content. 

Assignments can be distributed throughout the content to support learners, foster personalised learning, and encourage contextual learning.

Learner Hub

The Learner Hub allows K-12 students to access and manage their portfolios from all courses in one place. Students can store, organise and showcase their learning materials and accomplishments.

Stackle's capacity to streamline a currently disjointed learning experience both reduces the cognitive load for learners and educators and facilitates their deeper engagement and learning.
Alf Lizzio
Learning and Innovation Consultant
Students have the ability to monitor their learning development through the course term, identifying their weaknesses and strengths, and bringing clarity in how and where they can improve. In addition, faculty are able to connect assessments across the course, enabling them to clearly scaffold students’ learning.
Carol Damm
Associate Director, Learning Design - Boston College

Sean Duffy - CEO of Stackle

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Sean is the CEO of Stackle and he’s awesome at demonstrating how our product can enable you to take your course design to the next level, while giving your students an innovative and engaging learning experience.

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When students are engaged in the learning process, they retain information and are able to apply it in the real world. Engaged learners are more likely to participate, which leads to a deeper understanding of the material and fosters critical thinking skills.