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Personalised reflections,
right inside your learning

Learners reflect in context, build knowledge
connections over time and personalise
the learning environment.

Built for

Module 1: BrigdesModule 1.1: Cable-Stayed BridgesENGINEERING 101
Learning Journal How would I rate my knowldge of this concept? MODULE 1 38% 29% 11% 19% Not confident Somewhat confident Mostly confident Very confident MODULE 1

By keeping a record of their learning journey, learners can easily track achievements and identify patterns in their learning informing future study. With Learning Journals learners reflect on their learning process in a more meaningful way. 

Design your

Design your Learning Journal experience to match the needs of your learners and your course learning outcomes. Create instructions, add stimulus, poll activities, insert prompts that  support your learners, focus efforts and ensure great reflections.

Build your

Quickly build and configure a Learning Journal experience that meets the needs of your learners and your course design.  

Build a dedicated journal space replicate a workplace environment, design weekly reflective journals activities or use reflect and revisit options for deeper reflections.

Engage your

Insert your Learning Journals directly into your Learning Content. Your learners will have a seamless, personalised reflective space right inside your course. Delivering great learning in context, personal reflection and ownership of the Learning Journey.

Sean Duffy - CEO of Stackle

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Sean is the CEO of Stackle and he’s awesome at demonstrating how our product can enable you to take your course design to the next level, while giving your students an innovative and engaging learning experience.

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