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Stackle’s Connected Questions are a perfect tool for building knowledge gradually, empowering the learners and re-enforcing awareness of the learners journey.

They help to reinforce learning and improve retention, identify areas of weakness and serve as a form of self-assessment, build confidence, and make the learning process more enjoyable and engaging.

Built for

Connected questions help to reinforce learning and improve retention of information. Practicing questions serves as a form of self-assessment, allowing learners to gauge their understanding and progress. By practicing and becoming more proficient at answering questions, learners feel more prepared and confident.

Design your Questions

Utilise a range of Question options to maximise your learner question experience. Add in introductions, stimulus media, justify answer, revisit history, answer scaffolding and more.

Utilising these options in relation to your learning needs to ensure learners build understanding, self awareness and grow knowledge over time.

Build knowledge gradually

Utilise a range of options to quickly build and configure your Learning Journal experience to meet the specific needs of your learners and your course design.

Build a dedicated journal space that replicates workplace interactions or distribute weekly journals throughout your course for regular reflection and growth.

Review and Compare previous responses

Review, compare and connect

Reviewing questions and answers is essential for helping learners to retain new knowledge. This might involve providing review activities at the end of each unit or module, or connecting review questions with assessments. Providing opportunities for review helps learners to consolidate their learning and cement knowledge.

Comparing answers with other learners also helps learners to develop critical thinking skills, learner connections and deepen understanding. 

Sean Duffy - CEO of Stackle

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