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Features to support great learning experiences

Create, Publish and Analyse – Unlock the Power of Stackle!

Stackle rich feature set allows you to hit the ground running with minimal effort.  From codeless authoring to integrations with Learning Management Systems and flexibility to configure to suit the situation, Stackle has you covered.


Codeless Authoring

Stackle is a platform that makes the process of creating rich media questions for your audience really easy. You can also manage Participants’ responses in a simple dashboard.


Each time you log into Stackle, get an up-to-date view of what is happening with the assets you have created.  Access what you’ve been working on and pick-up where you left off.

Embeded Media

Upload images or link to videos from popular platforms to give you questions added impact and open up a whole new range of quentions you can ask.

Author Collaboration

Work with other members of your workspace or organisation to co-develop content, package them into your Learning Management System and monitor learner progress.


Canvas Integration

With deep integration with Canvas you can deploy Stackle to various locations with ease from left navigation links, module page links to WYSIWYG inserts within pages.  These options allow you to cater to the needs of the learner.

Build Packages

Questions are published in packages that are deployed for your participants to interact with.  These packages can exist in multiple places and can change over time to suit your learning needs.

Guided Pathways

Guide your learners through your course via Stackle Pathways.  Learners can view their progress and that of their colleagues in their cohort to create a sense of connection and motivation.

Exportable Responses

Learners can export content when you allow them to, giving the flexibility to take learnings into other applications, share with colleagues, and continue working on for assessments and as portfolio takeaway pieces.

Configure Views

Package & Pathway configuration options can be easily set through presets, to control how participants interact with your questions and when.  Rules allow you to adapt to the needs of your learners over time.


Current Information

Having data to see how learners engage with Stackle will help drive decisions rather than making assumptions.  No more waiting until the end of teaching and looking back, take control of learner engagement.

Narrow to Wide Focus

Stackle allows you to zoom in on a segment of time for a single student or zoom out on all available data for a cohort.  Choose the level that best informs your needs at any time you want.

Exportable Data

Unlock the data in Stackle at any level. Export data to share with colleagues, justify reasons for evolving learning design, carry out deeper analysis or enable faster feedback cycles with learners. 

Data that works for you

Stackle provides you with graphs and statistics that help you make informed decisions based on up-to-the-minute interaction data. 

We are always looking to work with partners to create data that is meaningful to help you get the most out of Stackle.

Built for Academics, Teachers, Educators and Trainers

Stackle has been designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind to support learning outcomes across all types of education and training.  

Explore some of the Use Cases that our clients love.

A Flexible Platform

Cross Platform

Stackle works on the devices your learners are using allowing them to study where they want when they want.

But Stackle’s Authoring Platform also works anywhere so you can make changes to content on your mobile if ever it’s needed.

Workspace Management

Create accounts for every author that will use Stackle (and they all want to) and allocate them into multiple Workspaces that make sense for large organisations so they can be productive right from the start.

Scale Infinitely

Stackle can grow with your organisation. You can start on shared infrastructure and move to dedicated hosting as your needs change over time.

Built for Organisations

Stackle allows you to manage your authors in a way that makes sense to organisations of all sizes.  

Create accounts for every author that will use Stackle and allocate them into multiple Workspaces so they can be productive right from the start.

Security & Infrastructure

World Class Hosting

Stackle is set up to meet the needs of our users.  Data security and serverless architecture mean that resources will be available when your members need it.

Partnering with AWS also means that data is stored close to home, with data centres located all over the world to meet data storage laws. 


Every bit of data you send to or receive from Stackle is protected from unauthorised viewing by 256 bit SSL encryption

AWS Well-Architected

Stackle is based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework which lowers risk and makes informed decisions following best practices.


LTI 1.3 Single Sign On

Integration between LMS and Stackle removes the need for custom integrations and provides a secure channel to transmit student and enrollment information. 

Two Factor Authentication

When two factor authentication is enabled, you will be prompted for a secure, random token during authentication. You may retrieve this token from your phone’s Google Authenticator application.

Sean Duffy - CEO of Stackle

Meet Sean!

Sean is the CEO of Stackle and he’s awesome at demonstrating how our product can enable you to take your course design to the next level, while giving your students an innovative and engaging learning experience.

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